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I'm Michael Koch—a consummate content professional, voracious reader, movie buff, and news junkie. In my twenty years in publishing, I've worn many hats and produced a multitude of educational, informational, marketing, and technical content for diverse audiences.

As a content strategist, I look at the big picture and then structure a plot across a defined space designed to connect users with relevant content. As an editor and writer, I like to revel in the details, but can be flexible and know how to balance business goals with user needs. As a project manager, I'm pragmatic, budget-minded, efficiency-oriented, and empathetic to stakeholders’ concerns and goals.

I've a penchant for concise and lucid writing; an uncanny ability to juggle multiple projects on tight timelines; an aptitude for making complex information and procedures clear and intuitive; and strong content and user-centered design instincts. Check out my résumé for more details about my skills and experience.


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