Michael Koch

Los Angeles · 510.205.6453 · michael at mikoworx.com

I'm a bilingual (English/German) content strategist, editor, and writer with twenty-plus years' experience creating great user experiences and content for diverse target audiences.

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  • Excellent communication, editing, writing, and project management skills
  • Strong content and user-centered design instincts with an exacting attention to detail
  • Technical savvy with a deep curiosity and ability to jump in and learn new tools
  • An exceptional ability to break down complex problems and evaluate possible solutions
  • A knack for juggling and prioritizing multiple projects on tight timelines
  • A passion for finding the right balance between users' needs and business goals


  • HTML, CSS, and CMS proficiency
  • SEO and web analytics
  • Knowledge of web and mobile technologies
  • Presentations, spreadsheets, and templates
  • Common tools of the trade (incl. Google Workspace, InVision, iWork, Microsoft Office, Omnigraffle)


  • Cross-functional teams
  • Scrum and agile methodologies (Jira and Confluence)


Content Strategist/Editor


Produce, edit, and write print and online content for businesses, nonprofits, and start-ups.

Clients include: The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Camden House, Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, El Museo del Barrio, Fordham University Press, NYU Press, Thoughtworks.

January 2012 – present

Content Strategist/Information Architect (Contract)

Blue Shield of California

Planned a new Medicare site experience, developed content governance, and collaborated with UX designers and researchers to improve user experiences across the BSCA web properties and apps.

June 2019 – December 2019

Lead Content Strategist (VP)

JPMorgan Chase

Partnered with designers, researchers, product owners, and leadership to plan and produce the best-possible developer-focused content for the bank’s new API portal and help drive their API initiative.

  • Compiled and presented detailed competitive analyses to identify API best practices and opportunities for leadership.
  • Conducted gap analysis of the content state and created and evangelized content templates.
  • Helped define developer personas and journeys from API discovery to live app.
  • Analyzed touchpoints in and wrote content and UI/UX copy for the developers’ onboarding journey.
  • Created a sitemap to help visualize the structure and flow of the new developer site.
  • Presented a proposal for digitizing and migrating existing content to a new CMS.
  • Drafted governance guidelines to help align teams around content creation and delivery as well as legal and compliance readiness.
January 2018 – March 2019

Senior Content Strategist (Contract)

JPMorgan Chase

Partnered with team members, product owners, and engineering to deliver best-in-class content for the bank’s Merchant Services and Payments digital products.

  • Lead conversations around voice and tone, backed by a solid understanding of business and product goals.
  • Wrote and edited UI copy for JPMorgan Chase's business and consumer web properties.
  • Helped define ongoing vision for content through larger conversations with the content team.
  • Worked with teams to identify areas of opportunity, including processes and governance.
  • Helped maintain content for legal and compliance purposes.
September 2017 – December 2017

Content Strategist (Contract)


Worked with engineering and marketing on the redesign of the company's website to help increase reach and conversion to Slack, a cloud-based messaging platform for businesses and work groups.

  • Performed a qualitative and quantitative audit of the company's marketing content and web properties.
  • Analyzed touchpoints in the prospect's journey from discovery to commitment in the onboarding process.
  • Used web analytics and competitive research to help identify content gaps and set priorities.
  • Created a sitemap to help visualize the structure and flow of the new site.
  • Researched and compiled personas and keywords, as well as a much-needed FAQ.
  • Recommended to realign teams and create new content with an eye toward SEO/mobile best practices and intended audience.
October 2016 – December 2016

Documentation Lead

Declarativ/Montage Studio

Planned, wrote, edited, and managed developer and UI content for a Silicon Valley startup working on a cloud-based HTML tool and JavaScript framework.

April 2013 – June 2014

Senior Content Strategist/Web Editor


Planned, sourced, edited, and maintained site content for key areas of the Adobe Developer Connection — a dynamic, high-volume environment for helping users make the most of Adobe products.

  • Used web analytics and research to help identify content gaps and set editorial priorities.
  • Framed content and IA solutions and drafted and executed content plans in collaboration with cross-functional teams.
  • Planned, wrote, and edited promotional and UI content for strategic learning areas.
  • Reviewed and edited content submitted by business units and external contributors.
  • Fine-tuned copy for maximum reach and search engine optimization.
  • Planned and produced educational and marketing videos.
  • Drove weekly and event-related content launches involving a diverse spectrum of stakeholders.
  • Established and promoted editorial standards, guidelines, and processes.
  • Attended community events and trade shows to interact with developers and source new content.
  • Hired, managed, and mentored contract editors, authors, and creative professionals.

Highlights: Helped plan and execute a site-wide content audit in preparation for a redesign of the Adobe Developer Connection and migration to a new content management system. Launched and managed the Adobe AIR, HTML5, Ajax, Facebook, SAP, and Salesforce Developer Centers. Developed, oversaw, and lead the production of the Flex in a Week, Flex Test Drive, and Flex Test Drive for Mobile online training resources and trial e-mail campaigns. Produced a series of developer videos for online distribution.

June 2007 – January 2012

Senior Marketing Writer


Wrote, edited, and managed content for web, print, and multimedia projects.

  • Interviewed subject matter experts to clearly communicate product features and benefits.
  • Worked with marketing managers to devise communications strategy and articulate messaging.
  • Prepared launch deliverables for the Knowledge Worker, Mobile, and Platform business units.
  • Managed content reviews and built consensus among multiple stakeholders.
  • Fine-tuned copy for maximum reach and search engine optimization.
  • Scripted for multimedia.
July 2006 – May 2007

Editor/Writer/Project and Production Manager

MK Publication Services

Produced and art-directed visually rich publications from concept through final deliverables and provided editorial and writing services.

  • Developed and managed relationships with creative professionals, prepress houses, and printers.
  • Provided creative direction for the treatment, design, and layout of print and web content.
  • Prepared and monitored budgets, created production schedules, and wrote progress reports.
  • Wrote and edited how-to and reference products, reviewer's guides, and marketing communications.
  • Copyedited and proofread manuscripts and proofs for correct style, punctuation, grammar, format, design, and layout.
  • Attended press checks.

Clients included: Adobe Systems, Alpha Books, Altamira Publishing, Crisp Publications, DevX, Fawcette Technical Publications, GameWizards Press, Hungry Minds, IDG Books, John Wiley and Sons, Macromedia, Microsoft Press Online, Pondview Productions, PopTop Software, Sun Microsystems, Sybex, Ten Speed Press, and Veritas.

June 1997 – June 2006


MA Media Arts

University of Arizona

BA Linguistics & English

University of Stuttgart

Workshops and Training

  • Design Thinking | General Assembly
  • Adobe Premiere | Adobe Systems
  • Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR | Adobe Systems
  • JavaScript | Academy X
  • Video Production and Editing | Bay Area Video Coalition
  • Media Production | Film Arts Foundation
  • Media Design and Production for the Web | Stanford Workshop
  • Business of Publishing | UC Berkeley Extension


When untethered from my beloved Apple ecosystem, I like to read, watch movies on the big screen, keep up with current events, and enjoy the great and small outdoors. I like to go on city walks, ride my bike, or go hiking and camping with my partner. (My idea of a relaxing vacation: cooking over an open campfire built from scratch the old-fashioned way and sharing some rye and stories with friends and fellow campers under a starry sky after a long day’s hike.)


For samples of my work, check out my portfolio site.


Michael Moretti, managing director, JPMorgan Chase

Michael's knowledge, professionalism, and engagement make him a pleasure to work with. His desire and willingness to put the team first exemplifies exactly what one should do to create and nurture lasting relationships.

Eric Newman, managing editor, Fordham University Press

As a managing editor responsible for 80-plus books per year, I have to do more managing than editing; as such, I rely on my coterie of freelance editors to bring problems to my attention and to do a bit of project/author management when it is called for. In such situations Michael has proved invaluable as an editor whose skill and ability to identify problems and their solutions have been a significant aspect of my ability to do my job and retain my sanity.

Jack Wilber, president, JGW Consulting

Working with Michael has been an outstanding experience. He clearly communicates detailed project requirements, promptly answers any follow-up questions, and takes the time to create and distribute comprehensive guidelines and templates to ensure that all the contractors working with him are productive and know exactly what to deliver.

Michael excels not only at the management aspects of his role but on the creative side as well. He has a keen eye for illuminating complex concepts in a way that technical audiences appreciate. In a position that requires managing the needs and desires of multiple stakeholders while keeping everything moving and on schedule, Michael's interpersonal skills are a distinct asset. He respects the knowledge and abilities of everyone involved in each project. Put simply, he's fun to work with, he's clear, and he gets things done.

Jon Varese, senior content and community lead, Adobe

Michael is a great colleague, and one of those people who, on a daily basis, made my job a heck of a lot easier. We worked together collaboratively on the Adobe Developer Connection, where I was often funneling content to Michael for publication. He managed all of my projects with an incredible amount of efficiency and precision, and I always knew that when I sent something off to Michael it was in good hands. You will not meet anyone more organized.

David Powers, author and educator

During the couple of years I've worked with Michael contributing tutorials to the Adobe Developer Connection, I've been impressed not only by his focus and organization but also by his interpersonal skills. He knows what he wants from his authors but also listens to what they have to say. This not only builds mutual respect, it also helps Michael generate new ideas for the output he's responsible for.

On the organizational side, Michael clearly thinks ahead, anticipating problems and making sure he has a backup plan — a vital skill when dealing with authors who don't always adhere to deadlines! In short, he is a joy to work with and an asset to anyone wise enough to hire him.

Anton de Young, documentation manager, Adobe Systems

Michael and I worked together to plan and coordinate the content coming from my team of writers in developer docs that was published in the Adobe Developer Connection. Michael worked tirelessly to seek out the best content and create the best destination for information about the Adobe Flash Platform.

Well organized is an understatement. He’s all about the details, and I appreciated the care he took in publishing our content and making sure that it was promoted to our developer community.

He's smart and driven and always impressed me with his ability to quickly get to the right solution and then pull it all together for our product releases.

Emily Kim, managing partner, Trilemetry, Inc.

Michael Koch has managed us on several Adobe projects. In all cases, Michael's diligence ensured that we successfully navigated the common challenges associated with beta software and changing release dates. His creative brainstorming under pressure also balanced quality standards with tight project schedules.

Michael has been exceptional in his drive to meet project goals and has gone far and above the call of duty many times to help us meet tough deadlines and technical challenges. I have tremendous respect for his work ethic and feel that we have been lucky to work so closely with him to produce e-learning materials that have helped thousands of developers use Adobe software.

Jeanette Stallons, trainer and consultant

I've worked with Michael on many projects for the Adobe Developer Center and love working with him. He is smart, efficient, organized, adaptable, and a great manager.

He pays attention to details, stays on top of all projects tasks, delivers requested information, and accomplishes requested tasks without repeated requests. His thoughts are well organized and he listens carefully, asks good questions, and quickly understands and appreciates new ideas and view points. I also really value his clarity and conciseness in both verbal and written communications. Meetings and emails have clearly elucidated purposes, and he helps keep them focused and on track so our goals are accomplished sooner rather than later.

As a manager, he is able to judge people's abilities, work styles, strengths, and weaknesses (including his own) and to adapt his management style, communication, and expectations accordingly. This enables him to delegate responsibility effectively and also maximize the use of resources.

Finally, he is adaptable. Many companies have protocols and processes in place that make projects very difficult to change once they are in development or close to critical deployment steps. Too many people are afraid or resistant to make changes, because they don't have confidence in their ideas or they don't want to put in the extra work or overtime to get the changes made. Michael has ideas and the dedication to try and get them implemented once he is convinced they are changes for the better for the end product and the customer. I value this immensely and it makes all the projects we work on that much better.